[Fellowship-Slovenia] Use of ODF in Slovenian public admins

Maël Brunet mael at openforumeurope.org
Tue Dec 17 15:20:49 UTC 2013


Sorry for sticking to English but my Slovene is not the best. :)
I am working on a small-scale research to assess the take-up of ODF in
public administrations throughout Europe. I am interested in finding out
more about the situation in Slovenia, in particular with respects to the
following :
- Rules of guidelines at the national level with a specific reference to
ODF (if they exist), and if they have any practical impact.
- Examples of ODF being used by public admins at the national (ministries,
agencies) or local level.
Ideally with material I can reference (web pages OK). Any input would be
much appreciated!

Best regards,


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