[Fellowship-Slovenia] Free Software and law related links 4.VII.2011 - 10.VII.2011

Matija Šuklje hook at fsfe.org
Mon Jul 11 20:17:39 UTC 2011

Although it was a relatively uneventful week, probably the biggest news item 
from the past week is Microsoft (anew) using the tried and tested method of a 
huge patent portfolio to bully other companies into paying them just to go 
away (Software patents).

On licensing we have some interesting news: Project Harmony just launched 1.0 
and CERN just launched its Open Hardware License 1.1 and Open Hardware 
Repository (both Free Software Licensing).

A interesting and fun find was the Illustrated Law Journal, which uses Free 
licenses and illustrations to make legal questions more understandable (Other 
interesting links).

I would again like to thank Natalia for the great help with gathering of 
these articles and links.

full review here:

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