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Matija Šuklje hook at fsfe.org
Thu Feb 25 23:31:57 UTC 2010

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Zadeva: Fwd: Document Freedom Day update Germany / Austria -- some ideas for your country
Datum: torek 23. februarja 2010
Od: Karsten Gerloff <gerloff at fsfeurope.org>
Za: hook at fsfe.org

hi Matija,

I hope you're doing well! 

Document Freedom Day (DFD) on March 31 is drawing closer, and we
want to start the international DFD campaign on March 1 -- that's
next Monday. 

You said that this would be an interesting thing for the Slovenian
Fellowship group to work on, and I agree! It would be great if you
could think up something to do locally. 

In the message below, there are a number of ideas for things to
do. It's all about doing something fun that raises awareness for
Open Standards and open file formats.

The coolest thing I can think of is to find an organisation
(especially in the public sector) in Slovenia that makes exemplary
use of Open Standards for their documents, and give them a prize.
In Germany, two Fellowship groups will be presenting a cake with
the DFD logo to a radio station that offers its archives in

The way things are looking, we will probably be able to support
you with a little money for materials (getting T-Shirts printed, a
few props for local action, etc  -- somewhere around EUR 200). But
that funding isn't confirmed yet.

Other things to do would be 

 - helping to promote the campaign, by translating press releases,
   microblogging etc.

 - getting other organisations in Slovenia to become partners for
   DFD -- just have them contact Fernanda, who is in copy. She's
   organsing the campaign. Being a partner means things helping
   with the PR, posting articles in the campaign blog on
   http://documentfreedom.org [still under construction], putting
   the DFD logo on their website, etc. Fernanda and I will be
   happy to provide more info.

Are you interested? Please let me know what you think.

Best regards,

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> Subject: Document Freedom Day update Germany / Austria -- some ideas for
> 	your country
> Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 15:15:52 +0100
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> At the German team meeting this weekend we discussed our activity for
> Document Freedom Day (31. March 2010). There will probably be a joint
> activity between the Austrian and the German team. 
> From the European team _we need_ one press release from the European
> team about Document Freedom day which is reffering to our local press
> releases. We ask the European team to organise at least on activity
> outside German speaking countries so DFD is not perceived as German
> only.
> = Germany + Austria =
> *Berlin* The Berlin Fellowshipgroup will go to the Deutschlandradio in
> Berlin at 15:00. Deutschland Radio <http://www.dradio.de/> was the first
> radio station in Germany which used OGG vorbis streams. I informed them
> that in Berlin we are giving a price to an institution which was doing
> good things for Open Standards.  We will bring them a DFD tarte.  I will
> say some things about Open Standards and DFD and than they have the
> chance to say something, too. Afterwards we will eat the tarte.
> *Cologne* Our Düsseldorf Group will check if they are able to also bring
> a tarte to the Deutschlandradio in Cologne. 
> *Vieanna* The Austrian team will discuss this issue, too. For now it is
> planned to also give a price to Radio Orange (or for insiders Radio
> Rausch). 
> *OGG month* We would also like to have the April dedicated to OGG
> Vorbis. We will encourage people to blog about Ogg Vorbis, give talks
> about OGG vorbis, speak with their friends about it, etc.
>   - Proofread Peter's and Martin's German translation of
>     http://www.fsf.org/resources/formats/playogg/en and send it to John
>     Sullivan (FSF). 
>   - Research the MP3 patent to get software patents into our press
>     release (Werner volunteered for the patent part)
>   - Write a German Press release
>   - Order t-shirts from local suppliers
>   - Coordination with FFII (they are already informed and will cooperate
>     with us).
>   - Coordination with German Linuxverband 
>   - Cologne - Michael Stehmann, Rainer, Werner: Check if Fellowship
>     group wants to do something here. If yes, get in contact with
>     Matthias so he can organise it with the Dradio people.
>   - Vienna - Adept German Press release to highlight the Austrian part
> = DFD Activity packages for other country teams =
> - *Can't read your document* poster. The idea here is that people write
>   something on a poster, e.g. "I cannot read your documents". Than take
>   a picture of them with the sign in front of a public institution and
>   publish the picture.
>   - Materials:
>     - a photo camera
>     - DFD2010 artwork
>     - paper
>     - pen/painting accessories
>   - Timeline:
>     - 2 weeks before - do some research about public administrations in
>       your city.
>     - 1 weeks before - prepare your poster
>     - few days before - take the picture
>     - 31 of March - publish the picture using the tag #dfd2010 
> - *Promote open formats in public library* Libarians should be easy to
>   convince about the usefulness of Open Standards. Have leaflets in the
>   library or be there and inform visitor. E.g. use a old book and ask
>   them if they would like to read this book in an electronic format, in
>   10 years.
>   - Materials:
>     - DFD artwork
>     - DFD leaflets
>   - Timeline:
>     - 2 weeks before - find a public library, talk with them about the
>       topic and ask them if you can have leaflets there and talk with
>       visitors 
>     - 1 week before - print leaflets and find friends to help you
>     - 31 of March - use your creativity and inspiration to explain
>       people why open document formats are important
> - *Change your email signature* Ask people to change their e-mail
>   signature for DFD.
>   - Materials:
>     - text for your signature (TODO put Ideas on dfd website)
>   - Timeline:
>     - be sure that before 31 of march, you change your email signature
> - *Give a presentation* Give a presentation at a local Free Software
>   user group about Open Standards.
>   - Materials:
>     - DFD leaflets
>     - a presentation about Open Standards (see Advocacy)
>     - DFD artwork
>   - Timeline:
>     - 3 weeks before - be sure you have a room/place for your presentation
>     - 2 weeks before - start promotion that you will give a presentation
>     - 31 of March - give your presentation (see some tips on Advocacy page)
> -- 
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