[Fsfe-se] Felllowship cost

Jeremiah Foster jeremiah.foster at gmail.com
Thu Mar 10 15:21:46 CET 2005

It seems quite clear that a monthly payment system is not cost effective.

Might FSFE implement a lower fee for the unemployed (of which there are 
far too many these days) and for students? I have met lots of out of 
work developers who start to fool with linux, perl, php, etc. and find 
their way to FOSS when they are unemployed or under employed. Fellowship 
with the FSFE, when affordable to those in temporary financial 
difficulty, could be something to put on a CV.

This symbiotic relationship between the FSFE and the greater software 
community could increase the FSFE's value as force for positive change.

Might'nt we implement a one year only membership for 10 euros? A student 
or developer good join, pay 10 euros for one year, and if the want to 
remain a fellow, then pay the normal 60 euro rate? Or perhaps we could 
have this program be a four year program to reflect the amount of time 
one spends as a student.

Best regards,


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