[Fsfe-ie] Reply from Brian Crowley

Teresa Hackett teresahackett at eircom.net
Thu Feb 10 20:19:43 CET 2005

Crowley doesn't have an assistant (or at least didn't used to), so 
you'll usually get his ansaphone in Brussels/Strasbourg unless you get 
lucky. He operates via constituency offices in his munster constituency 
- tel nos maybe on his website. MEPs usually go home Fridays and return 
Mondays, so your best bet might indeed be in his constituency over the 
weekend. Or else check his movements next week e.g.  any committee 
meetings in Brussels and suggest by fax to meet him afterwards. (That's 
assuming that next week is a Brussels week).

Good luck!


Ciaran O'Riordan wrote:

>>>>He didn't mention then why, on our understanding, he was the single
>>>>solitary MEP to vote against ?
>So, we're scratching our heads wondering how to get our message to McCreevy
>- and here's an MEP that strongly agrees with us and maintains good
>relations with McCreevy.  Brilliant.
>I'll try to get a meeting with Crowley or his assistant for Monday.

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