[Fsfe-ie] Re: Patents, current situation?

Niall Douglas s_fsfeurope2 at nedprod.com
Tue Sep 23 02:37:04 CEST 2003

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On 22 Sep 2003 at 15:52, Ian Clarke wrote:

> As per my previous email, I share your strong opposition to this
> amendment despite the fact that I am (obviously) a big supporter of
> free software.

Well I am a strong supporter of free software, it's just I oppose GPL 
software because it's not free software. And besides, there are types 
of free software you can sell (eg; one where limitations on 
copying/derivation etc are temporary).

> Our argument has been that software patents are an assault on
> innovation generally.  This amendment is basically saying "Its ok to
> assault innovation - provided you don't assault *our* innovation". 
> This amendment is extremely divisive and just proposing it will
> alienate the majority of those that support the anti-swpat movement -
> myself included, as it suggests that the free software community cares
> more about its own ability to innovate, even if this is at the expense
> of the rest of the software community.

I completely agree. Unfortunately the history of free software shows 
that some of its leaders are very fond of creating division and I 
personally don't like how the GPL is supposed to be the leading 
license of the free software movement when it's not free software.

But, this is entirely another thread, and I really should be doing 
some programming!


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