Laughing Monkey: The Cicada Platform at GitHub

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Mi Apr 19 23:50:20 UTC 2017

Liebe freunde,

vom "Public Intelligence Blog" von Robert Steele bekam ich diese 
nachricht. Allerdings mit dem fehler "Circada" und nicht "Cicada".

Auch ein versuch, unsere dezentralisierung ueber die telekommunikation 
zu unterstuetzen. Passt ja wirklich sehr gut zu unserem thema.

Mein englischer text an FSFle:
"Dear friends,

from Robert Steele's blog "Public Intelligence Blog" i received this 
message. But the title was wrong. Not "Circada", but "Cicada".

For us activists for massivly decentralisation it can help us. Clear, 
our focus is the local independent economy based on our local technical 
infrastructures and the independence in the technology. But for that we 
need our self-organised telecommunication in form of a Internet, "the 
Inter-connection of local Net-works", a transport system for digital 
data in packet form.

With Cicada, maybe, we can act in this time."

mit lieben gruessen, willi

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CICADA: The Internet We Always Wanted

Breakthrough Decentalized Application and Distributed Direct Democracy 

Blockchain breakthrough, human unique identifier, info wallets, new 
proof of work, delivers a practical universal basic income, anonymous 
voting with end-to-end verifiability, gamifies voting, citizen proposal 
and filtration system, expert panels legislation, XML-based law, action 
tokens and currency, stops denial of service attacks dead, ends the 
crypto wars, ends censorship, suvivable mesh network fallback,

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