Why political liberty depends on software freedom more than ever

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Di Mär 8 19:22:02 UTC 2011

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> The right net brings freedom and the wrong net brings tyranny because
> it all depends on how the code works.

soeben habe ich mir einen wirklich sehr beeindruckenden Vortrag von Eben 
Moglen angesehen, den er auf der FOSDEM 2011 gehalten hat. Aber anstatt 
weiter Worte zu verlieren, gebe ich euch hier lieber zwei Zitate aus dem 

> What has happened in Iran, in Egypt, in Tunisia—and what will happen
> in other societies over the next few years—demonstrates the enormous
> political and social importance of social networking. But everything
> we know about technology tells us that the current forms of social
> network communication, despite their enormous current value for
> politics, are also intensely dangerous to use.
> They are too centralized, they are too vulnerable to state
> retaliation and control. The design of their technology, like the
> design of almost all unfree software technology, is motivated more
> by business interests seeking profit than by technological interests
> seeking freedom.
> As a result of which, we are watching political movements of enormous
> value, capable of transforming the lives of hundreds of millions of
> people, resting on a fragile basis, like, for example, the courage
> of Mr. Zuckerberg, or the willingness of Google to resist the state,
> where the state is a powerful business partner and a party Google
> cannot afford frequently to insult.

> Software is what the 21st century is made of. What steel was to the
> economy of the 20th century, what steel was to the power of the 20th
> century, what steel was to the politics of the 20th century,
> software is now. It is the crucial building block, the component out
> of which everything else is made, and, when I speak of everything
> else, I mean of course freedom, as well as tyranny, as well as
> business as usual, as well as spying on everybody for free all the
> time.

Der Vortrag: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BSLBvwyUEs>

Eine OGG-Theora-Version des Talks gibt es hier: 

Ein Transkript des Vortrags ist hier zu finden:

This whole post in English on my blog:

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