FASD project: Online survey launched

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Di Mai 4 06:57:51 UTC 2004

On Mon, 3 May 2004 09:13:38 +0200, Benno Luthiger said:

> motivational significance of fun when software developers decide to engage
> in Open Source projects. What is special about our research project is that
> a similar survey is planned with software developers in commercial firms.
> This procedure allows the immediate comparison between the involved
> individuals and the conditions of production of these two development

I don't understand what you are going to achieve.  It seems that your
study is based on the assumption that Free Software[1] development is
an antithesis to commercial software development. 

This is wrong: There are quite some commercial companies doing solely
commercial development of Free Software (take my company for example
or even go back to the late 80ies when Cygnus was founded) and even
far more companies doing a mix of proprietary and Free Software.

The way software is developed has nothing to do whether the software
is free or non-free nor does the development model (in the public or
closed) may be used as an indication for the freedom of the software.
ACT for example uses a closed development model; there product the GNU
ADA compiler is still Free Software.



[1] You used "open source" but I prefer the better term "Free
    Software"; see http://fsfeurope/documents/whyfs.en.html

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