Steven De Herdt steven.deherdt at
Sat Jan 27 19:23:34 CET 2018

Hello folks

I too intend to go to FOSDEM, and I'm interested in meeting.  Don't know
if I can make it on Sunday.

Concerning translation to nl, I may be able to help, but I'm reluctant
to commit myself firmly.  Has anyone translated the pitch text yet?
Does EduCode have a clear link with Free Software?  I'm curious to know

Kind regards

On 25/01/18 06:12, Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> Dear all,
> I will oorganize a meeting on the Solbosch campus in the lab LISA of
> Professor Debeir where we could discuss, for example about the
> conference educode (see the poster in
> and read and the document in annex describing the
> conference.
> I'll soon propose a framadate to organize the moment.
> In short, it will be about free software, free content and coding in class.
> I look forward to meeting you.
> Best regards,
> Nicolas
> PS could you already help by translating the annexed document to as many
> languages as possible ?
> most importantly Dutch and English (I could do in in bad Dutch/Vlaams
> and in English I do not have the time today)
> PS2 who is ready to help with the organization of the conference ?,
> especially with the translations of the documents to nl en en (the main
> language today is fr, and the public is firstly french speaking
> teachers, until we find enough money to pay for the interpretation,
> which is promissing if someone of you accept to come along with me to
> see Minister Crevits ?
> PS3 I would with pleasure give you my portable number in case you want
> to talk to me, but I won't put it here as this list as public archives
> as far as I remember
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