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Felix C. Stegerman flx at obfusk.net
Sat Oct 12 23:35:23 CEST 2013


I recently sent this email to the fsfe discussion list.  I've since
been in contact with Matthias Kirschner and some other people who are
working on an English translation.  Maybe some of you here (Maurice?)
would be interested in (doing something with) the Dutch one.

- Felix

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Subject: translated fsfe flyer
From:    "Felix C. Stegerman" <flx at obfusk.net>
Date:    Fri, September 20, 2013 21:43
To:      discussion at fsfeurope.org


I rather liked the German "screwdriver" flyer, and would have liked to
hand out a Dutch version at the software freedom day meeting of my
local LUG.  Since no translations existed, I translated the flyer to
English and Dutch.  The translations can be found here:
http://tinyurl.com/flx-fsfe.  I was unable to use the layout and used
part of the f-droid flyer instead of a part of the original flyer
because I liked it better.  I was unable to find any copyright
information about the original flyers and assumed that, as an fsfe
fellow, it would be OK if I simply translated it, with very few
modifications.  I also hope my translated texts can be useful to
others, perhaps to create a proper flyer.

- Felix (flx at fsfe.org)

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