Status of a Belgian FSFE chapter and 2014 ?

Mauricio Nascimento aurion at
Mon Oct 14 22:57:31 CEST 2013

Dear Mr Nicolas, sorry for the very delay on this important subject.
I met you some times @ ULB (RMS speech, FOSDEM) and I know you from
EPFSUG. You are one of the most active free software supporter in
Brussels I know.

>> On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 07:08:14PM +0200, Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
>>> I would like to know what are the status of a Belgian chapter of the FSFE ?
>>> is there one ? Who runs it ? Which language does it use mainly ? What are
>>> its activities today ?

I am one of the Belgium FSFE coordinators and I am really interesting on
supporting you on this task.
I am not completely fluent in French, actually I have a beginner+ level,
but I completely understand and I understand Dutch as well (less than
So since the first meetings we had, all the fellows were French native
speakers, we decide to have those meetings in French and I turned to
English when necessary. The idea is having the meetings in the language
most of the people feels comfortable. If both can understand each other
in their native language, that would be awesome.

We will have a meeting this Saturday @ hsb

Would be nice if you can join us.

>>> I have hopes that in the French speaking side, we'll have meetings. I have
>>> already 2 with 2 parties this week. in the Dutch speaking part, it does not
>>> go so well. Steve De Herdt has done much work in 2010 but we have not had
>>> any time nor energy or 2012 in Flemish.

I talked to Lucille and to Emma regarding but I would like to
meet you (together with Emma) to create a plan to visit the parties in
Belgium and to collect their signatures.
I have some contacts with Dutch speaking politicians and I can figured
out how to engage with them in this campaign.
I work in Mechelen and I am available any day during the week after 8pm
or during the weekend to meet you if you can. Tomorrow I already have an
appointment to visit the Linux User Group from Nivelles.

>>> Would any of you be intrested in jumping in ?

Yes, if you think we still have time. Tomorrow I will talk to one Dutch
politician to ask more about the activities they have planned so far and
to have a better overview regarding their meetings.

>>> I would like to have such an action made in belgium under the auspices of
>>> the FSFE Belgian chapter. Does this looks realistic ?

This looks completely realistic and I would be more than happy to help on.

Please let me know when we can meet, I have a lot to hear from you and
some ideas to share.



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