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Hi Deborah,

2012/11/18 Dutchess <spa8blauw at yahoo.co.uk>

> Hey all,
> [...]
>  I haven't been to the last TED event in Amsterdam, so I don't know if the
> FSFE organisation had a stand there, but this might be a really good crowd.
> Especially since the NLUUG and T-Dose meetings are mostly like preaching to
> the choir. The curious TED crowd might just be tech-savvy enough to be
> persuaded to give a lot of FOSS software a go. Also having a crowd that has
> all sorts of different backgrounds might be another plus. A bigger chance
> that different groups might start understanding, caring or even using Open
> Source.


> The next TED event in Amsterdam (biggest in the Netherlands) is on the
> 30th of November. I have not contacted them (yet), but I do wonder if we
> could at least flyer near the entrance. If I remember correctly, someone in
> the organisation is a Linux engineer, but even if I am mistaken the FSFE
> seems like the kind of organisation they'd be open to.
> Anyways, what do you think? Good idea?
Yes good idea. Problem is that due to the short notice and all the
appointments for work I have on that day, I will be unable to attend.
Although I actually would really like to hear/see the talks myself ;)

However I could arrange for flyers, either via Rainer (or maybe help
translating/make them and getting those to the right people). Otherwise the
next TED talk in AMS I can arrange for a day off work.

Can anybody make some time to flyer the 30th november (given we can get

Am I correct that you had the idea last year to do something in AMS on
Liberation Day? That's also a great idea and it would be nice to arrange to
flyer or have a booth somehow somewhere in AMS on that day.

Kind regards,


> Deborah
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