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Hi Jelle,

Sorry to hear that you are slowing down your FSFE work. I get the feeling
you that you feel kept out of the loop. Seeing the low traffic on the
maillinglist and considering that this is your only connection to the
fellows, I can understand that feeling, although it is not the case. irl
i've met maybe 3 or 4 other fellows so far. So I actually agree with you
that the maillinglist should be used more. One of the things we should all
try to improve. I for one hope to inspire more people to become active and
share their activities and thoughts here. Therefore I hope that this future
increase in traffic might seduce you to put in your effort once more!

For now, thank you very much for all the work you already have put in and I
hope seeing you back on the maillinglist in the future!

Kind regards,


2012/11/11 Jelle Hermsen <jelle at fsfe.org>

> Hi Maurice et al,
> Great that you've taken on the challenge of filling Marks big boots :).
> In the meantime I'm calling it quits with volunteering for FSFE. I have
> put quite some time into FSFE the last couple of years: translating pages
> on the website, newsletters, helping out with the PDFreaders campaign,
> sending out letters, helping to spread awareness of FSFE in NL, and looking
> into Dutch and Belgian tax laws to try to achieve tax deductible donations.
> I really like FSFE and adore its goals, but personally I don't like the
> idea that you have to stand on the sideline if you can't make it to
> live-meetings easily. I have asked multiple times for the mailing list to
> be our central hub of communication and decision making, or at least to be
> kept in the loop, just like how it usually works in Free Software projects,
> but unfortunately this is not the way things work here. The first news on
> the meeting at T-Dose reaching the mailing list two weeks after the fact
> merely supports this. Anyway, I'm not aggrieved or anything, I can
> understand this is the way the cookie crumbles, especially when a group
> like ours make up such a small geographical area.  Accepting this fact, I
> think that's it's better to spend my time elsewhere in the world of FLOSS.
> I wish you all the best of luck.
> Cheers,
> Jelle
> On 11/11/12 17:19, maurice wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> As some of you may know, Mark Lamers recently stepped down as coordinator
>> for the FSFE-fellows in the lowlands. I've taken it upon me to replace him
>> as coordinator. I've discussed this with Mark and in the past couple of
>> weeks there have been some fellowship meetings at T-Dose and the NLUUG
>> conference where this has been discussed with the fellows that were
>> present
>> at these venues.
>> So far all agree with this, so I would like to ask you all to let me be
>> the
>> coordinator until someone else wants to take over the role. At that time
>> we
>> can hold a vote if necessary.
>> For those who do not know me:
>> I'm Maurice, 30 years old and I work for a company called AT Computing.
>> I've been working with free software for years now. My master thesis
>> research looked into how (Dutch) government organisations "buy" free
>> software -> (just search for "How to buy something that is free?").
>> Fellowship meetings:
>> At the moment I'm organizing a fellowship meeting in Nijmegen or Arnhem
>> somewhere in december. This will be a joint meeting with other software
>> freedom advocates and probably some fellows from the Dusseldorf
>> fellowship-group. If you like the idea please reply to this mail, than I
>> get a sense of how many fellows will attend. If anyone has suggestion
>> about
>> the meetup please let me know!
>> The next meeting after that is probably gonna be the Fosdem 2013!
>> Kind regards,
>> Maurice
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