guite to incorporate vendor independent IT skills (was: Online workspace for the Dutch team)

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Hello Jan,

On Wed, Jan 04, 2012 at 05:25:53PM +0100, Jan Stedehouder wrote:
> >
> I would have to check my mail archives, but we discussed the possibility of
> drafting a guide for educational institutions on how to incorporate
> vendor-independent IT-skills in their curricula. And you thought it was
> something the Edu-team could pick up. We didn't discuss a timeline, but I
> believe it would be a great deliverable for Documentfreedom Day 2012.

Sorry, I can't recall that and also couldn't find anything in my
archive, but that doesn't mean much, because there were a lot of
things going on and I was sitting at various machines.

So, a "Guide for edu institutions on how to incorporate
vendor-independent IT-skills in their curricula" is what we need. That
sounds like an awful lot of work :)

Not being able to remember the previous discussion about it, I only
have a very fuzzy picture on how such a guide should look like. It
seems to me that there might be quite some overlap with the work on
the whitepaper for alternatives. If the work can easily cut into
pieces and there are enough volunteers to grab one, it may be doable,
otherwise, looking at the resources at hand, DFD is quite ambitious



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