[NLedu] Online workspace for the Dutch team

Jan Stedehouder janstedehouder at gmail.com
Thu Nov 24 17:15:44 CET 2011

Op 24 nov. 2011 17:07 schreef "Torsten Grote" <Torsten.Grote at fsfe.org> het
> On Thursday 24 November 2011 09:02:02 Martin Gollowitzer wrote:
> > >Etherpad is fine to collaborate on new documents, but -correct me if
> > >I'm wrong-  I believe it is less suited to store PDF-documents or
> > >maintain semi-static/ wiki-like pages.
> >
> > Ah I thought you needed a collaboration tool. If you need a VCS, you can
> > ask our system administrators to set up a subversion repository for you.
> Yes, sounds like you would want to use a VCS. Although, I'd recommend
> git or another decentralized one.
> Torsten

My friends, I appreciate your suggestions. However, most of the volunteers
and supporters on our team are not as tech savvy as you. They have no
experience with SVN or Git. Of course, we all can learn, but at this point
in the campaign the Dutch team can work with the Pleio options.

I agree it would be nice to have for the FSFE fellows that are helping out
in the campaign.


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