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Jelle Hermsen jelle at fsfe.org
Wed Jul 13 12:36:26 CEST 2011

>     How 's the baby? They keep you from the streets, dont they? :)
She certainly does. Crime statistics in Deventer have been going down 
drastically :)

>    Highly appreciated, that is for your work and the work of Debora (is
>    she on the list?).
She's spa8blauw.

> I still have a pretty big database of government website urls lying around somewhere, so I might be able to automate some of the "hunt":)
>    I'm very interested.
It's attached to this e-mail. If I have some time I might quickly whip 
up a tiny multi agent system to automatically search the websites.

> Personally, I always say "niet-vrij" ... PDF-lezer
"Niet-vrij" seems like a great idea. And I'm all for "PDF-lezer".

I've made a couple of changes to http://bnl.etherpad.fsfe.org/2 to 
reflect what we talked about. I changed "niet vrij" into "niet-vrij" 
(which is correct according to the website Sam e-mailed). I also agree 
with Sam that the letter might need a different target audience. It 
casually refers to 'open standards' and 'interoperability', but I don't 
think we can expect the reader to understand what these issues mean. I 
think it might be best if we try to have 1 point and try to get that 
across, instead of an elaborate list of arguments.


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