Can we trust the "GOUD" tender?

Marcel Nijenhof fsfe-bnl at
Thu Nov 13 23:47:16 CET 2008


I have found the following Dutch discussion about the "GOUD" tender:

This article is from "Michiel Leenaars" who used the Dutch law
"Wet Openbaarheid Bestuur" (a law which gives civilians the
right to see the documents of the government) to get documents
from the "GOUD" tender.

After a long period he received 1 of the 122 requested documents.

A spokesman of the Dutch ministry of finance reacted on this
article fiercely with sentence as "Hoe bont kun je het maken?".

This shows that there are still a lot problems around "GOUD"
and that it is certainly not as open as they say it is.


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