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Matthias Kirschner mk at fsfe.org
Tue May 23 08:41:28 UTC 2023

* Nico Rikken [2023-05-16 19:45 +0200]:
> Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to hear you on it. It is one of the
> podcasts I listen to with great priority. Sometimes the topics on that
> podcast can become quite far removed from Linux or Free Software, but
> the amount of knowledge by the hosts and community makes it a good
> listen regardless.
> You provided a great insight in our work by mentioning the four
> freedoms, the pillars of the FSFE and the value of our longlasting
> efforts on specific topics. I hope it will attract more volunteers and
> supporters.

Thanks Nico for your feedback; and of course for all the work you do for
the FSFE! 

Best regards,

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