Is Matrix a good choice?

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Thanks a lot for the details on this decision!

Hmmm, I am wondering whether its fair to say that to me it looks like XMPP development has slowed down and Matrix is still going strong? As I would assume all point from your list could implemented in XMPP as well, right?
(again this efficiency-centric thinking ;)


Am 16. März 2022 17:23:51 MEZ schrieb Max Mehl <max.mehl at>:
>~ Dr. Trigon [2022-03-16 15:10 +0100]:
>>>Free Software and offers additional value for our community, and
>> What is the additional value? (just curious)
>In the process of FSFE teams deciding to switch to Matrix, quite a few
>have been brought up. IIRC, just from the top of my head and rephrasing:
>* Reactions to messages (like thumbs-up)
>* More people use Matrix, therefore easier to attract new audiences
>* More reliable archiving
>* Upcoming features like polls
>* Federated rooms with multiple addresses allow preserving a room if the
>  "original" server it was hosted on is offline temporarily or
>  permanently
>* Easy and seamless encryption, also for group chats
>* Spaces allow for easy hierarchy and organisation of rooms
>* Feels more actively developed and at the same time usable on all
>  servers. Good interoperability of advanced features
>All these points may have downsides, and in some cases XMPP may even be
>better (e.g. OMEMO has a few cryptographic advantages in terms of
>perfect forward secrecy). Also the client side of Matrix is admittedly
>far from perfect as the protocol is developed rapidly. Again, it's not
>an obvious choice, and I hope that fair and healthy competition benefits
>both (and more) worlds.
>>>see defects or bad developments, but let us also try to fix these
>>>issues. If they are unsolvable, one should at least try to make the
>>>competing software solution (in this case XMPP, but also sysinit etc)
>> That is another good point. What facts would make you state "it is unsolvable"? To me the critics cited target the foundation of Matrix and from that I concluded even if it can be fixed it might be very costly and thus it's not worth the try. Just thinking aloud...
>That can be a hard or soft fact. If the repository owner or project lead
>is unresponsive and thereby let's the project die slowly, issues are
>unsolvable, at least in this space (forks to the rescue). Also a license
>change to a proprietary license is a hard no-no for our community.
>But it could also be that you have personal difficulties with lead
>developers, or that you generally dislike the strategy of a project.
>Well, instead of badmouthing the project then, I am suggesting to invest
>your energy in a project or initiative you prefer.
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