FSFE and the war in Europe

Vitaly Repin vitaly_repin at fsfe.org
Thu Mar 17 09:13:28 UTC 2022


I have to raise your attention to the fact that since February, 23 we have
a war in Europe.

Latest press releases from FSFE are:

- 2022-03-16 KDE's Okular becomes the world's first eco-certified computer
program- 2022-03-15 Germany: 100 days of coalition agreement - hardly one
day for Free Software- 2022-03-10 "I Love Free Software Day": Free Software
games and a SharePic generator
I understand that these news might be important. But it looks really
strange to not say a word from FSFE (Free Software Foundation _Europe_)
about the war in Europe.

Yes, FSFE is not a polictical organisation. But what happens now is beyond
any politics. This is a full-scale war which happens now and here, in

I feel that FSFE MUST issue an official statement about the war and actions
of Russia.

I do not know how free software activists and organizations can contribute
to the peace in a more meaningful way than by issuing statements.

But I believe that the statement shall be made as a bare minimum and it
shall be crystal clear.

Silence is not an option.

WBR & WBW, Vitaly
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