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Hi all,

On 02.07.20 15:21, Patrick Ohnewein (FSFE) wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> On 02.07.20 13:56, Erik Albers wrote:
>> there is the interest of a medium-sized German city to stream its city council
>> meetings to the internet. They would like to use Free Software, are willing to
>> spend some money for it and are looking for help now.
>> Apparently there is OBS Studio in this area [1]. Theoretically, this could
>> also be possible via Big Blue Button [2]? Does anyone here have experience
>> with any of the mentioned software or in general with live streaming and Free
>> Software and can share recommendations / pitfalls?

I had the chance to help the Debian video team at MiniDebConf Hamburg last year.
They use voctomix and have written down many informations helpful for such events:

These people have some experience recording sessions so it will not harm to
contact them. For example they 3D-printed a cover to the microphones so they can't
be turned off erroneously.

I think the software is comparable to OBS but I never used OBS so can't say for sure.
> The computer with OBS Studio installed needs to be strong in CPU and RAM. Very important is also a very good uplink to the Internet!

Yes, this will be valid for all solutions!
> You need of course cameras streaming video signals to the OBS Studio machine.
> What is even more difficult most of the times, is to get a good audio quality from the microphones. The question to be answered is: How do you get the audio stream in good quality into OBS Studio machine?

And keeping audio and video in sync.
> Last but not least, consider spending the money on the person who will do a good direction and recording. The director using OBS Studio has to mix different camera sources, like ambience camera, camera focused on speakers and slides.

Second this. You need to act in real-time and have to know your stuff!

> We are evaluating OBS Studio as a possible solution for the SFScon[3] this year. We foresee the conference to be held in blended mode with participants at NOI Techpark and others connecting online.
> The main difference between BBB and OBS Studio is, that BBB is a collaboration platform, which allows recording and streaming of the session as is, OBS Studio is a tool to mix different video and audio sources to create recordings and streaming with the ability to have different scenes like speaker video on screen to the slides, etc. not just a plain recording of a BBB or jitsi session.

Yes, are they holding meetings online right now?
OBS or something like that will be needed also when real live meetings are held up.


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