suggestions/request for fsfe

V F veronicapfiorentino at
Wed Jan 1 12:15:21 UTC 2020

Dear all (mainly FSFE team),

First wish you all a new year and appreciate your solid work.

My email may look a bit annoying but please think it as a request (not
a native english person).

Over the holidays I (being the crazy family geek) speaks about adblock
(µblock origin) and many in family are bored but a bit thinking it is
a good idea. With many smartphone + TVs - I sent (whatsapp) links to
these people but realized soon everyone ignore this as running pi-hole
is too much work. No one wants to touch router if it f**** up.

After Googleing a bit I found there are few pi-hole open to everyone to use.

I am not an expert in network (actually a zoologist) things but I was
wondering why not FSFE build a open pihole server?

Instead of trusting some people on the internet (there are warnings
about using someones dns server???) FSFE is a trustable place.

This finally rounds up studies that say *people* do *care* about
privacy but to enable this is too much effort. (other than buying
Apple devices - at least people think)

Would it not be better FSFE does *real* practical help to world?

Every year here in our chapter we distribute flyers but many go to
bin. Why? Not easy to do it?
Want to avoid google search but others are not good (enough)?
Want to  google docs - no easy docs in phone!
Want to stop MS-office - forced by enterprise/job!
Want to stop Gmaps but ...

Are there any legal reasons FSFE does not want to get into adblocking?
Or is it money?

Educating public/law makers is good intension - but at the end of the
day people need practical help. Or finally I found many end up buying
Apple devices - assuming they automagically get privacy - despite
using Gmaps, or Google search etc.  How long can people be tracked
(especially our friends) until law changes or helps. I feel worry
because some smartTVs are traking with even mic.

*So people really want to do change but it is help are presented in a
easy way. *

What about a simple VPN service or pihole type adblock. Every small
thing will help the innocent citizen?

Sorry if my email was rude...

Wish you a good start for wonderful year.

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