diversity (was: Re: [nomination]for Fellowship Council renewal and activism)

Geza Giedke ggiedke at fsfe.org
Mon Oct 21 18:50:48 UTC 2019

Florian Snow wrote on 21/10/19 7:03:
> Also agreed.  One of the ideas to reduce barriers was to examine the use
> of mailing lists vs something without as many implicit rules (and
> potentially more inviting design), such as our Discourse instance
> (community.fsfe.org).  I would be interested to hear what you and others
> on here think.  Have you tried out the platform yet?  If yes, what do
> you think.  If not, why not?

I've tried out the webbased platform (to complain about FSFE "welcoming"
RMS' resignation) but I think mailing lists are much superior to these
kind of forums and I would hope that the discussion lists do not move to
the web where there's no proper threading, no free choice of editor, and
no possibility to get digests.
I know that I'm old-fashioned in this respect, but I think for online
discussions no better system than Usenet has been invented, but mailing
lists are the next best options. Is there any software that could
provide a (bidirectional) interface between a webforum and a mailinglist?


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