Fairphone 3

Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at fsfe.org
Fri Oct 4 09:49:08 UTC 2019

Am Dienstag 01 Oktober 2019 11:35:40 schrieb Carsten Agger:
> I got this response from Fairphone:

> *We are currently investigating the possibility of bringing back FP Open
> on Fairphone 3.*

Cool, thanks for having asked this.
(The more people are seriously interested and let them know,
the higher the chances.)

> It is still possible to install alternative operating systems on our
> Fairphone 3 (advanced users can unlock the bootloader - but this voids
> the warranty
> <https://www.fairphone.com/en/legal/fairphone-3-warranty/>!)

> the thing about voiding the warranty if you unlock the bootloader is
> /not good enough/. 

And the short statement is missleading, as I wrote on the 26th
the warranty for the hardware must still be there.


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