GitHub, proprietary services and Save Code Share (was Re: Is there any hope for FSFE?)

Florian Weimer fw at
Wed May 8 21:03:06 UTC 2019

* Mirko Boehm:

> there is a simpler, less flattering explanation. More likely to be
> correct under Occam’s razor: Most of the ground work on this issue was
> done by Openforum Europe. Github is one of their member
> companies. FSFE piggy-backed on their work. Which means the interests
> of the free software community where much less present in the process
> than is commonly assumed here. This also explains the dopey wording on
> the Twitter message that exploded.

I found the implication disgusting that free software development
depends on large-scale copyright infringement.  I don't think the free
software community has a significant problem in this area; we are
generally pretty good at training new contributors in these matters.
Most of us remove potentially copyright-infringing code proactively,
even without notification from the copyright owner.  Often, merely
unclear licensing conditions are grounds for removal.

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