Hijacking attempt by Daniel Pocock

Christian Kalkhoff softmetz at fsfe.org
Fri May 3 08:08:57 UTC 2019

Dear all,

Am Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2019, 09:43:44 CEST schrieb Michael Kesper:
> Dear all,
> It seems that former fellowship representative Daniel Pocock has
> a) set up a mailing list discussion at lists.fsfellowship.eu

It seems to me, that either the list is broken by now or got switched to 
moderated. I sent there a mail, that never got delivered (to me at least). On 
the other side, there were mails, that came through. 

I will keep you informed about the state of delivery, if anything new happens, 
but here is the mail for now. 

I do send it here anyway because it should be a known fact, that Daniels term 
regularity ended on 24th April 2019. I hope that clarifies some of the 
statements of his:

> Hi Daniel,
> Am Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2019, 20:24:41 CEST schrieb Daniel Pocock:
> > You elected me as a community representative.  An election is something
> > I take very seriously.  The winner has a mandate to take action.
> Your election was announced at 2017-04-25 to the community. Even under the
> words of the old statute, your term was set for 2 years. Saying this, the
> actions you recently took didn't happen during your term as an elected
> representative in either way.
> Now calm down and enjoy your retirement. 
> Best
> Christian

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