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Thu Mar 28 10:00:40 UTC 2019


> In this case we realized that the legal base and future plans of
> SourceForge had become so unclear that we could only recommend to use
> alternative services.

What alternatives?  There are currently *no* integrated alternatives to the
sourceforge codebase, are there?  I've got a project on savannah, but it's
basically sourceforge code and it's still not very good.  I've seen some
advocacy of Bugzilla/ Bonsai/ Tinderbox, but that seems to be a very DIY

> Was this necessary? I believe it was.
> Could we have found a better way of doing it? Maybe.

I ask again: will FSFE support, even if only by name and deeds, a project
like CoopX?  I believe it offers the best hope for a smooth transition from
the current reality of sourceforge-based sites to the next generation of
hosting services.


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