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Thu Mar 28 10:00:40 UTC 2019

- is the private web site of rms. not linked to FSF.

- I think (but I maybe wrong) that rms want to show something like that to
the us citizen :  "You COULD BE a patriot and protecting civil liberties
in the same time".


On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Max Moritz Sievers wrote:

> I have visited the fist time after 911.
> I wonder if he was (or felt) forced to put this graphic on
> his site: "America Means Civil Liberties - Patriotism Is
> Protecting Them" "Other Americans, you may wish to copy
> this icon to your own page, as a way of showing what
> patriotism means to you. "
> This doesn't sound as rms. And facing the development in
> the USA and the whole "civilized" world with the SSSCA and
> the Hague Treaty the words on his banner don't make sense.
> Regards,
> Max Moritz Sievers
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