Wiki loves IloveFS-day : )

Erik Albers eal at
Wed Feb 6 15:12:44 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I guess you all know that on February 14 there will be another I love Free
Software day. Which goes perfect together with a current "photographic contest
organized by Wikimedia community to document love testimonials in various
cultures and regions of the world":

Wikimedia Commons is the database of pictures that are used in the wikipedia.
They regularly do contests to get pictures from monuments and other areas of
Wikipedian interest. But in contrast to them this contest is not limited to
"sites, whether of regional or national importance but on the widest variety
of love testimonials possible. This means that most users will be able to find
several pertaining subjects close to them, whether heritage sites or daily
life event."

Means that you can do a picture of your IloveFS-day contribution or of your
group and upload it to wikimedia : ) The contest is running from February 1 to 28.


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