Silent majority (was: supporting our fellowship representative)

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Thu Sep 6 09:25:16 UTC 2018

I didn't start this thread to "win", I started this thread to say I will quit if things don't change.  That is my right.  Lot's of groups doing great things who deserve my money.

After watching the replies, now my decision is clear.

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6. Sep 2018 05:25 by bzg at <mailto:bzg at>:

> Hi all,
> I don't know nothing about what's been talked about in this thread.
> This is just a reminder that there are probably many subscribers like
> me who don't have a clue of what is at stake here.
> Perhaps you should gather in a field, organize a tournament and come
> back when someone wins -- or have a good discussion somewhere IRL?
> In any case, please keep in mind that some readers may be completely
> lost and partially fed up with the spectacle.
> Thanks,
> -- 
>  Bastien
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