selective censorship (aka some words from your list-admins)

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Wed Sep 5 18:25:00 UTC 2018

On 05/09/18 16:49, Erik Albers wrote:

> The list administration would like to help bring back a good tone and
> discussion culture by moderating the discussion if necessary and for now we
> set new subscriptions to the list on moderation.

The most offensive accusations made on the list today were not from new
subscribers, they appear to be made by a GA member from Germany, in fact
former country coordinator for Germany.  Out of your respect for your
request for being friendly, I'll avoid repeating his name again.

One of those posts is so offensive and inaccurate that I would kindly
request that if you are willing to censor new subscribers, you also
censor that GA member by removing his post from the public archive.

I would also request that you escalate that particular post to the CARE

The root cause of all this appears to be the executive's decision to
attack the fellowship representative with an ultimately unsuccessful
motion to prematurely terminate his membership of FSFE e.V.  I remain of
the opinion that the resignation of the president may be more effective
in helping the community move on from that than tweaking moderation



FSFE Fellowship Representative

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