Tone of discussion (Re: what makes a good president and chairperson?)

Bernhard E. Reiter bernhard at
Tue Sep 4 11:52:57 UTC 2018


> I clearly quoted to Matthias's email, was that hard to understand this.

because of the HTML format of the email you were citing, 
I wasn't sure if you really meant to support what you have cited or meant
the included citation of the email that redated it.

> I don't think l have posted anything disrespectful here, ever in this ml.
> So be nice and respect my feedback/opinion and stop with your lecturings
> plus insinuations pls.

At least the above statement is something that I could read as disrespectful,
as I merely wanted to understand what you mean. The second part of my email
was to repond to what you have only cited and originated from 
matthias.hager at

> Stop talking on behalf of Matthias Kirchner and let him exercise his own
> defence. I don't think I called you into this, don't remember mentioning
> your name.

Please respect that I can speak out for whomever I'd like, whenever I like.

This is our mailinglist, so it's partly mine and I blieve I can speak out, 
just like anybody to defend a civil tone here. The statements you've cited 
are not civil in my opinion.

> Not accusations but issues. 

Up to now I believe I have responded to all questions, to some questions more 
then once. This a least clarifies the position where I stand. And it saves 
others to to explain some of the things which have been explained before.
I don't think it necessarily takes FSFE's anchor person to respond to each 
question, especially when it was already explained sufficiently (for most) by 

Best Regards,

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