Mozilla first, now FSFE?

Mat Witts admin at
Sat Mar 24 12:15:55 UTC 2018

The FSFE / FB thing is a classic case of personal choice elevated to
moral imperative. Use FB/Don't use FB it's not relevant. If folk sense
moral hazard from advocating Free Software on a non-free platform then
that's their choice. The reverse is true, if an individual doesn't sense
any moral hazard then that's a personal choice. Our personal choices are
not relevant to advocating FS at the scale of social systems / polity.
It's time we stopped the navel gazing and just do what we have to do to
get Free Software a fair hearing. Contribute, develop, lecture,
investigate and resist by all means but stop arguing with each other
about whether we ought to use FB, we need to realize that conversation
is peripheral AND trivial to the main work which is to promote Free
Software in the best way we think. Your FS advocate on FB is not your
enemy, the FS advocate who does not use FB is not your enemy. FB is not
the enemy. Proprietory software is not an enemy, we are not at war.
Change the vocabulary. Change the conversation. Talk about diaspora or
mastodon or Quitter or something - they need all the coverage they can
get. FB doesn't need our attention... it is perfectly capable of
imploding all by itself. Let's move on. Please. Let's move on. FFS.

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