Mozilla first, now FSFE?

Alessandro Rubini rubini at
Sun Mar 25 11:27:07 UTC 2018

> I have feared to open my own email for the last 16 hours expecting
> the worst.

I know the feeling. And this is when getting complete silence back is
almost as bad as getting. You end up thinking your message is being
discarded as irrelevant.

That's why, sometimes, I write offlist to people. To thank the poster
individually without boring the other subscribers with a pointless ack.

> Another FSFE member who wishes to remain anonymous, I guess, did send me
> the following:

No, I didn't want to remain anonymous. I just didn't feel the need to
post, having nothing new to add. Besides, I was travelling and couldn't
follow developments soon enough.

But since I'm now posting, I also want to thank Matt Witts for his wise
words in <665e43d4-9258-82c1-6cb1-208de7ec3e71 at>, yesterday

I go as far as repeating his core message:

> The FSFE / FB thing is a classic case of personal choice elevated to
> moral imperative. Use FB/Don't use FB it's not relevant. [...]  Your
> FS advocate on FB is not your enemy, the FS advocate who does not
> use FB is not your enemy. FB is not the enemy. Proprietory software
> is not an enemy, [...] we are not at war.


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