the questions you really want FSFE to answer

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu Jun 14 20:36:32 UTC 2018

On 14/06/18 21:58, Florian Snow wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Daniel Pocock <daniel at> writes:
>> As the last[1] man standing for democracy in FSFE
> Perhaps this is meant as a joke, but you usually do not make that clear
> in your writing, so I am assuming it is serious.  This is an incredibly
> insulting statement to many people within the FSFE.  You are supposed to
> also represent FSFE Supporters like me and others who you insult on a
> regular basis.  I appreciate how seriously you take your responsibility
> as a representative, but with your current communication style I have to
> say you do not represent me because I stand for civil communication, not
> for insults and attacks.

For me, active representatives asking difficult questions are an
essential part of a democracy.

I have no desire to join the executive council, become a staff member or
be president of FSFE, this is the role I chose to volunteer for and I am
naturally a bit disappointed that the rug was pulled out underneath me.

To make it clear, FSFE has a community with hundreds of long time
supporters/fellows/volunteers who have contributed time and money
regularly over many years but have:

- no right to petition for a general meeting

- no right to propose a motion in a general meeting

- no right to run for president

- and since May 2018, no right to vote (since the elections have just
been abolished)

In fact, the people affected by this change who previously had a right
to vote were not even sent the invitation to the meeting.



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