the questions you really want FSFE to answer

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Thu Jun 14 19:33:03 UTC 2018

Hi all,

As the last[1] man standing for democracy in FSFE, I propose to give a
report at the community meeting[2] at RMLL

It is important for me to understand the topics you want me to cover as
so many things have happened in free software and in FSFE in recent times.

Some of the things people already asked me about:

- the status of the fellowship and the membership status of fellows

- use of non-free software and cloud services in FSFE, deviating from
the philosophy that people associate with the FSF / FSFE family

- measuring both the impact and cost of campaigns, to see if we get
value for money (a high level view of expenditure is here[3])

What are the issues you would like me to address?  Please feel free to
email me privately or publicly.  If I don't have answers immediately I
would seek to get them for you as I prepare my report.  Without your
support and feedback, I don't have a mandate to pursue these issues on
your behalf so if you have any concerns, please reply.



FSFE Fellowship Representative


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