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Reinhard Müller reinhard at
Mon Jul 9 20:18:55 UTC 2018

Am 2018-07-09 um 21:59 schrieb Daniel Pocock:
> Would FSFE be willing to allow the elected fellowship representative to
> know the facts about this person and see their written intentions?


It was that person's last will to remain anonymous. The name is known to
those who absolutely needed to know in order to process the formalities
and to nobody else.

As you might have noticed, I estimate privacy of our supporters and
volunteers as an important value anyway, but this is about a last will.
I will not even discuss this further.

>>> The dissemination of the fellowship statistics on the team mailing list
>>> stopped shortly after the extraordinary general assembly.
>> Huh? There hasn't been any change in this. The statistics is still sent
>> each Sunday on 4:00 by a cron job.
> Last email I saw was on 10 June, if it is a technical issue please let
> me know

Next time it might be a good idea to check for technical issues or at
least ask internally before making such a claim on a public discussion list.

I hope you understand that this mailing list is not the right place to
discuss technical email issues.

Reinhard Müller * Financial Team
Free Software Foundation Europe

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