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Mon Jan 22 18:31:44 UTC 2018

On 2018-01-22 10:10, Stephane Ascoet wrote:
> [...] Here to be sure to fully use public transports, we need to be
> ultra-connected with a pocket-computer(occasionally doing badly phone
> function).

I suppose "here" means Paris or France. I bet it's possible and not too 
complicated to use public transports without a pok├ęcom 
(pocket-computer). You buy a ticket and you hop on. Or maybe you can 
also buy directly onboard. Like we've been doing for more than one century.

> Same thing for going to the theatre, museum and so on.

Ditto. Are ticket booths/websites banned in France?

> Most
> organisation's local groups use gayfam services to communicate. If
> you're not active on these platform, you have no chance to find a job in
> the private sector, new friends, boy/girlfriend(s).

I don't believe you: one single counter-example (one single person being 
able to find a job or a friend) would invalidate your point.

> By chance I work in
> public sector, I'm so much busy that I don't need to find so much people
> and occupations and I found a loving mate several years ago to continue
> with the same examples but how would I do if I was younger in this
> world? And things will become worse and worse: to find an flat, to pay
> legacy taxes and so on need more and more to compromise ourselves with
> these technologies. And additionally, finding ways to resist consumes a
> huge lot of time, energy, money and make us pictured as nerdy and so on.
> Not very good for social life...

I have been "resisting"* for a while. I don't know how much more time, 
energy, money I would have if I had given in, but I live a pleasing 
comfortable life.
Anyway, I'm not going to waste more of my time and other people's 
bandwith arguing while you cannot defend your point with a logical argument.

*I feel ashamed using such a meaningful word as "resist" to mean 
something as ordinary as "not using proprietary platforms".

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