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Jonas Oberg jonas at
Mon Feb 5 11:55:53 UTC 2018

Hi Carsten,

> So I think the point Daniel has been raising is this: Could
> supporters/fellows, before joining, have received the erroneous impression
> that their payments constitute membership dues for membership in the FSFE?
> Or, should they constitute such membership dues.

I think this is indeed the point. :-)  From my perspective though, even if
someone had erroneously believed that paying a supporter contribution made
them a member of the FSFE e.V., it doesn't mean they automatically become one
if we recognize this.

At most, they would be able to claim restitution for false representation.
It does not affect the status of our supporters in any way, and for anyone
to join as a formal member, they would still need to apply, regardless of past

Jonas Öberg
Executive Director

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