psychotic disorders of (few) web market operators and privacy less valued than pizza

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Sat Nov 25 10:01:16 UTC 2017

Hi all,

I just discovered this study from "Freedom to tinker" [1] that clearly shows
clinic evidence of psychotic disorders by few web market operators who
pretend to track every single bit of users data with a new "technology"
called "session replay scripts":

«These scripts record your keystrokes, mouse movements, and scrolling
behavior, along with the entire contents of the pages you visit, and send
them to third-party servers. Unlike typical analytics services that provide
aggregate statistics, these scripts are intended for the recording and
playback of individual browsing sessions, as if someone is looking over your

in some cases passwords are included in session recordings

I'm always astonished by the fantasy _and_ resources some group of people
is willing to invest to try to control users

apart from the clinical evidences, this also clearly shows that GDPR [2] -
that I *really* appreciate - will be as easily circumvented as the European
Union's net-neutrality rules _are_ circumvented [3]; this is why I agree
with #youbroketheinternet [4] folks that _both_ "net neutrality" and "no
massive surveillance market" can be achieved with and _only_ with a GNU
Internet, aka a free Internet *by design* (please do _not_ consider the web
as the whole Internet, as some unfortunately tend to do)

my conviction is stronger after I read of another working paper [5]
co-authored from a Stanford senior fellow that shows that privacy tends to
take a backseat to convenience and can easily get tossed out the window for
a reward as simple as free pizza

please consider that I *suspect* that this state of mind is also valid if
you think about user data "leaked" from our computing devices, not "just"
the web

I'm addicted to pizza and **they know* that! so  if they promise to give me
a pizza I'll let them track any data they want about me without making any
question... where's my pizza?!? :-D


[1] hosted by Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy

Giovanni Biscuolo
Xelera - IT infrastructures

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