Free software and open source philosophies differ,, sometimes with radically different outcomes

Mat Witts admin at
Wed Nov 22 11:17:26 UTC 2017


> I reject your hypothesis that a persons political beliefs can be
broadly predicted using some basic knowledge of Open Source and Free
Software principles and established social and political theory.

Okay, but it's not my hypothesis. I have simply combined ideas readily
available in any social science or philosophy of political science
journal. I have justified my points and am happy to provide evidence
should you require it that broadly speaking, Open Source is
'pro-business' and Free Software tends to be positioned towards more
civic roles.

> I find this claim so absurd that I have a hard time arguing against it.

Okay. I didn't ask you to argue against it though, arguing against my
posts isn't compulsory.

> Political beliefs are a multidimensional bundle based on a complex
value system.

Yes, but the way they are often articulated is as heuristic that goes
from left (socialist) through a center (liberal) to right (libertarian).

This is not something I have invented, it's a fairly established model
that can be useful in thinking about imperatives, intentions, and ideas.

> I am raising this point because I fear that simply stating this claim
in public may seriously damage the reputation of FSFE.

Reiterating an established narrative based in accepted political
parlance does no such thing in my view.

> Please refrain from doing so

Unless, you can come up with a specific grievance against what I have
said that links my posts to the views of the FSFE or is damaging it's
reputation or you believe it causes yourself or the FSFE harm, then I
politely refuse your request.



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