Free software and open source philosophies differ,, sometimes with radically different outcomes

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Wed Nov 22 09:30:24 UTC 2017

Mat Witts <admin at> ha scritto:

> [...]
> This thread is about 'Free software and open source philosophies
> differ,,    sometimes    with radically different outcomes'.
> I have been posting on that topic, not about the FS definition which
> doesn't get us any closer to resolving the problem as I, and many FS
> advocates see it, which is about the problematic of using the terms
> 'open source' and 'free' interchangeably - as if they are synonyms when
> they are really about completely different things which I won't go over
> here because FS advocates will know what those differences are I am sure.
> [...]

Hi everywone :)
   It looks to me like you (Matt) are not considering a point made  
well clear both in the original blog post and in some messages from  
Jonas: most people (98%) are not using the words "free software" and  
"open source" with the meaning most of us (2%) associate with them. I  
mostly agree with the concept in the subject, and I especially like  
the wording "philosophies" because it alludes to my point: most people  
don't know about either philosophies and don't know about the  
"technical" meaning of the labels "Free Software" and "Open Source".  
This thread is filled with messages touching on and mixing two issues:  
one issue is the one in the subject, the other is the issue of the  
other thread, the «The 2% discussion - "Free Software" or "Open  
Source"». These are different issues and if you want to keep on  
discussing about the difference between "Free Software" and "Open  
Source" that's fine and important, but the wording/lexical issue is  
another thread, another issue. I agree that "Free Software" and "Open  
Source" are different, with different goals and "sometimes with  
radically different outcomes". But what worries me most is another  
issue, the fact that 98% of the people mix the two lables *because  
they don't know about software freedom*. I use the words "Free  
Software" because they're the right ones for what I mean, but you must  
aknwoledge that the 98% does not really know what this is about, dont'  
you think?

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