Job at European Commission for FOSSA 2 in Brussels

Jonas Oberg jonas at
Fri Nov 3 08:09:43 UTC 2017

Hi Forian,

> Software, but also has managed multiple projects with a budget exceeding
> 500,000 Euros.  I am fully aware that Free Software is not about price,
> but those kinds of projects are also not all that common

The experience from multiple projects need not necessarily be in free
software, they can be in general, from what I understand. A stronger
candidate would have this experience in free software projects, but I'm
not sure how many qualified applicants there would be in Europe it.

But if we look a bit broader; the Document Foundation, Apache Foundation,
Eclipse Foundation, Linux Foundation and so on, these all have budgets in
the million-USD category, some more than others. So I think someone from
some of the bigger foundations might well fit the bill.

Jonas Öberg
Executive Director

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