Replicant 6.0 released!

Tiberiu tiberiu at
Sat May 13 22:02:07 UTC 2017


Congratulations for the new release Replicant 6.0 that incorporates the
most needed security updates, a nicer and more modern graphical
interface, and that also supports by default freedom-respecting external
WiFi adapters!

On 14.05.2017 00:24, Kurtis Hanna wrote:
> The Replicant Project would be very grateful if you could donate these
> devices to us so we can also port them to 6.0:
> Optimus Black (P970)
> Galaxy Note 8.0 (GT-N5100, GT-N5110, GT-N5120)
> Nexus 10 (Mantaray)

Recently, our shop Technoethical has donated Replicant:

* Technoethical S3 phone

* Technoethical N150 WiFi adapter

and I believe we can also help with the Optimus Black P970. :-)

We celebrate the new Replicant release with the addition to our mobile
devices catalog of the Technoethical N7100 phone/tablet preinstalled
with Replicant:

Also, all our mobile devices now come preinstalled by default with
Replicant 6.0.

Happy hacking everyone!

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