Is it acceptable to use proprietary software (platforms) to promote software freedom?

Daniel Pocock daniel at
Fri Jun 23 08:47:52 UTC 2017

On 23/06/17 10:19, Jonas Oberg wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>> I'd like to see what plan is in place to collect data
>> about the effort being spent and the outcomes achieved (e.g. what
>> metrics will be monitored and why they are good metrics).
> I agree. We have suggestions for a group of the members to look more into what metrics we use for our activities generally, to which Daniel has contributed graciously. There hasn't been anyone taking this to up to lead the effort yet, but some of the metrics have a clear impact on our operations and it's sound judgement to spend our time and effort in activities which maximise impact.
> We'll be looking at this more, and I won't speculate in the outcomes but of course, if we see we get a great impact in favor of free software if using Facebook or other tools compare to other equal investments, we will engage more on Facebook.

All the viral things that actually get noticed on social media became
popular because of the effort that went into producing them or some
other significant feature long before they hit social media.

For example, a natural disaster doesn't need to post itself on facebook.

In FSFE's case, if the policy or campaign work being done is
extraordinary in some way, other people will inevitably share it without
any staff or volunteer time spent on those platforms.

If people concentrate on doing work that a random person on the street
would spontaneously want to share, then they can be confident that is
something that other random people would want to re-tweet or share as
well, making it viral.



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