dual FSF and FSFE membership

Jonas Oberg jonas at fsfe.org
Wed Jul 26 19:06:45 UTC 2017

Hi Mat,

> Given each org already has a charitable approach to subs leaving the
> choice to the individual may be the best strategy.

For the FSFE and FSF, this is clearly what we do. Which organisation you
support financially or with your volunteer time should depend on which
organisation you feel closest to and which organisations' activities you
would like to support.

Our activities are largely disjoint and we typically do not have many
activities which we do together. That we're both a Free Software Foundation
might be confusing to some, but we also believe it's a great strength for
the community and our movement to have multiple voices giving weight to
the Free Software movement, and each with their own set of priorities and

Jonas Öberg, Executive Director
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