A dual license system for code libraries?

Agner Fog agner at agner.org
Tue Feb 28 09:11:04 UTC 2017

On 27-02-2017 15:44, Paul Boddie wrote:
> What would be interesting to see is an organisation that can invoice people
> for spending money on Free Software which remains Free Software.
Yes, exactly. An organization to sell license exceptions to GPL software.
>> Do you think the FSF will endorse such a scheme? (I can't get access to
>> their mailing list even though I am a member).
> If the software remains Free Software. If you're selling proprietary licences,
> I'm pretty sure you'll be told what has already been said in this thread.
But what about a voluntary donation scheme?

Mirko Boehm wrote:
> I cannot speak for FSFE, but I think the setup can be made simpler: 
> Anybody can donate to FSFE. Just ask them to provide proof of the 
> donation, and then you give them a license. This way you don’t need 
> any kind of organisation, and no arrangement for handling money.
Yes, but the FSF or FSFE still has to endorse such a scheme because the 
donors will ask all kind of questions about license conditions, pro 
forma invoices, and other technicalities.

A scheme with selling proprietary license requires a unification of the 
copyright. Who should own the copyright, me, FSF, or all contributors? I 
would prefer to avoid such problems by making donation voluntary.

Is it common to assign the copyright to FSF, even when FSF has nothing 
to do with the project? I can see the advantage of unifying the 
copyright, but also administrative burdens on FSF, and potentials for abuse.

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