A dual license system for code libraries?

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Mon Feb 27 14:44:01 UTC 2017

On Monday 27. February 2017 14.40.50 Agner Fog wrote:
> The commercial users want an invoice and a piece of paper that says
> "license". Some even require that I register into their database of
> suppliers. Donation to charity doesn't fit into their administrative
> routines, I guess. Or maybe they can put it on their PR budget or their
> "Corporate Social Responsibility" budget?

What would be interesting to see is an organisation that can invoice people 
for spending money on Free Software which remains Free Software. I remember a 
case where a municipality that gave a donation to a project was criticised 
(presumably by proprietary software shills) for doing so, but if some kind of 
umbrella organisation could be a supplier, certain forms of organisational 
entity (companies, municipalities, public organisations) would find it easier 
to pay for Free Software.

> Do you think the FSF will endorse such a scheme? (I can't get access to
> their mailing list even though I am a member).

If the software remains Free Software. If you're selling proprietary licences, 
I'm pretty sure you'll be told what has already been said in this thread.


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