Making free games and profiting on it?

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at
Mon Aug 14 12:01:34 UTC 2017

I would like to correct a little:

Free/libre software isn't not-copyrighted, in fact, the licenses depend
on copyright to exist. So, all rights are reserved, regardless.

However, it has a difference: It's not under the *default* copyright

Also, I don't know which was this speech you talk about (no references
so far), but I can point out from
that, according to Stallman, non-functiona/practical data/works must *at
least* have the freedom to shared exact copies of the original work
(half of freedom 2). This means that they must *at least* be under a
license similar to CC BY-NC-ND.

Please note that, if we would talk about the inclusion of such works in
free/libre system distributions, the requiremente would go further, in
the sense that the freedom 2 *completely* would be required for such
works, according to the GNU Free System Distribution Guidelines
([[]]). This
would require *at least* CC BY-ND.

Morever, it must be noted that functional/practical data/works (which
must have all four freedoms) sometimes disguise themselves as
non-functional/practical. For examples, see:

- Non-free :: Frogatto "data", whose scenarios have some logic/scripting
  elements inside.

- Free :: Battle for Wesnoth campaigns, id. Frogatto "data".

- [[]]
- Palestrante e consultor sobre /software/ livre (não confundir com
- "WhatsApp"? Ele não é livre, por isso não uso. Iguais a ele prefiro
  GNU Ring, ou Tox. Quer outras formas de contato? Adicione o vCard
  que está no endereço acima aos teus contatos.
- Pretende me enviar arquivos .doc, .ppt, .cdr, ou .mp3? OK, eu
  aceito, mas não repasso. Entrego apenas em formatos favoráveis ao
  /software/ livre. Favor entrar em contato em caso de dúvida.

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